25 mg CBD Gel Capsules (30 Count)


Our “Everyday” Gel caps are a familiar way to administer CBD to your daily regimen.

These are great as a preventative or as an aid for aches, pains and many other ailments.



Base Ingredients:


Gelatin Soft Gel Capsule - Non vegan, gelatin based capsule.

Fractionated Coconut MCT - Carrier oil that supports gut wellness and provides elevated ketone levels. A great source of  fatty acids. MCT provides a strong binding agent for cannabinoids.

Hemp Extract Oil - Source of cannabinoids & terpenes




Limonene - A lemon scented terpene with properties involving inflammatory suppression, anti anxiety, cancer cell inhibitor, immune booster and analgesic effects. Commonly found in lemons.

Beta Caryophyllene -  Is a spicy scented terpene which heightens bioavailability, boosts immune system, alleviates stress, reduces inflammation, promotes healthy digestion, is an analgesic. Also found in black pepper.

Linalool - Is a floral and spice scented terpene that is shown to increased relaxation, reduce stress and has antimicrobial properties

Myrcene - Commonly found in Mangos, provides a deep, woodsy aroma. Myrcene aids in the passage of the molecule through the blood brain barrier for greater cannabinoid uptake. Pain relief, anti-bacterial, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-insomnia, anti-mutagenic, anti-psychotic tranquilizing effects, and antispasmodic properties are all found in Myrcene.


Product Characteristics:


Each capsule is a non-vegan cap, filled with a blend of coconut MCT (medium chain triglyceride) terpenes and hemp extract oil. Each capsule has 25 mg of hemp extract oil. The blend of terpenes in this product are developed to make the product more bio- active, bio-available, heighten pain relieving effects and improve stress reduction properties. They are a familiar method of ingestion so people often feel more comfortable with the caps as opposed to a tincture.


Best Usages:


This product is best suited for general prevention, pain relief, anti inflammatory effects, mood balancing, and more. Familiar vehicle for consumption. They travel well. Discreet for those who are concerned. Encapsulation ensures that a greater percentage of the molecule survives exposure to the stomach acid which means a greater amount is available for uptake in the intestines.




Generally, we are consuming medications and supplements mostly in the form of capsules and tablets. The PHC Gel Caps provide the multiple benefits of consuming Hemp Extract Oil in a familiar and simply consumed form. They have a 12 month shelf life.



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